Hi Jeff,

    Thanks so much for your thorough feedback. After reviewing the options you’ve presented, I think I will use Zapier - As I’m a bit of a coding novice, it seems like the easiest solution for me to deploy.
    I will check back in if I have any hurdles with Templater and the Bot in the process.
    I appreciate your help!


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    Hi there,

    I work for an environmental NGO. We’re making personalised videos to send out to our supporters and need some guidance.

    Steps I’m planning:

    1. Obtaining a master google sheet containing lists of the specific information we need on the users. Eg. Name, Profile pic, unique IDs etc. There’ll be approx 400 users, resulting in approx 400 personal videos

    2. Use Templater to parse data from the master google sheet into each item in the AE composition.

    3. Render out each video as .mp4

    4. Automatically upload all videos to our YouTube account and publish as ‘Unlisted’

    5. Take the URL from each unique video and put them back into the corresponding row in the original master google sheet.

    6. We will then pass the sheet over to our comms team who can use it automatically send each user an email containing a link to their unique video.

    It’s my first time using Templater, but I have a background in VizRT template building for broadcast gfx, so steps 1,2,3 and 6 seem simple enough, but I’m stumped on 4 and 5.

    Does anyone know a simple way I can achieve steps 4 and 5 using the bot? I read the following in the Event Script FAQ: “You can also automate publishing output to a specific destination like an FTP site, or your YouTube, Vimeo, or JWPlatform account. You could also script notifications for when a batch of renders completes—email, text message, etc.”

    This makes me think it’s maybe been done before, but I assume I will need another application to run the shell script?

    I know a little bit of programming, but event scripts might be above me.

    Is anyone keen to maybe help me out?

    I’m running Mac OS 11.2.3 on a 2017 iMac Pro.



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