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    Found a solution! Credit goes to Arie from Dataclay for getting back to me via support ticket.

    For others looking to accomplish this, here is the advice I was given:

    "On Windows, for async processing, you likely need to execute the NodeJS script from a detached Windows Command Prompt, not the one directly called from Templater’s event manager. When Templater broadcasts the event, it uses the AE ExtendScript api call system.callSystem() function — which is a syncronoush operation. What you register to the post_cmd_job script needs to essentially spawn a detached Windows Command Prompt that then calls your NodeJS incancation. We’ve used Visual Basic on Windows to accomplish that in the past.

    Try creating a new visual basic script in a file called “detached-prompt.vbs”

    command = WScript.Arguments(0)
    Set objShell = CreateObject(“”) command

    Then register something like “cscript detached-prompt.vbs ‘node mynodescript.js’” to the event."

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    I’m just looking for a solution to a problem I’m facing with regard to running post-job scripts in a large batch using the bot. The script is in Node.js.

    The script I have uploads the videos to a video host, but has to wait for the host to process the video to then change some of the settings online.

    My problem is that the Bot seems to wait for the script to end before processing the next render, which is adding about 40 seconds.

    Is there a way of getting the bot to continue processing while a script is still running?

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