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    • Support for Adobe After Effects 2020
      Templater is now compatible with Adobe After Effects 2020.
      Genuine installers prepared for macOS and Windows operating

    • Updated Templater’s End User License Agreement
      Templater’s EULA defines criteria for designating a licensee as
      an “Enterprise”. It also includes updated terms and conditions
      for licensing and payments as well as general provisions.

    • Preference to purge unused footage after each job
      If you enable this preference, Templater will purge all unused
      footage from the project file after each job completes. Use
      this to reduce dependencies in your rigged .aep template files.

    • Added intelligence methods to Templater ExtendScript API
      Use two new methods within registered ExtendScripts to invoke
      Templater’s spatial and temporal intelligence:

    • $D.update.layout() — Invokes Templater’s algorithm
      for automatic spatial layout of dynamic layers
      within all compositions.

    • $D.update.timeline() — Invokes Templater’s
      algorithm for automatic temporal arrangement of
      dynamic layers within all compositions.

    • Faster data polling intervals for Bot
      In Templater’s Preferences, reduced Bot’s minimum polling
      frequency to 0.3 minutes (18 seconds) for Google Sheets, and 0.2
      minutes (12 seconds) for JSON sources.

    • BUG FIX: Improved organization of Replication output
      In the data, if an “output” column or property specifies a path
      with sub directories, Templater names the final output asset
      according to the path’s final leaf and saves the output asset to
      the location specified.

    • BUG FIX: Time Sculpting correctly handles nested timelines
      In some cases, Templater’s auto arrangement of elements in
      timelines containing pre-comp layers would not fully complete.
      Now, Templater completes Time Sculpting logic for all nested
      composition timelines.

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    Your application can integrate with Templater Bot by using either of the two following methods. They both allow your application to feature automatic creation of custom, on-demand, video content.

    Pulling Data into Compositions

    One method involves running After Effects on a machine that is “always on” while having The Bot regularly poll Templater’s data source. This is called Enabling The Bot. When enabled, The Bot queries Templater’s data source for ready values in a column or property named render-status. Templater then automatically performs its output tasks with those query results. This is the easier of the two methods to understand and to implement.

    You can see an overview of how Templater Bot pulls data into After Effects compositions by watching the following video.

    Pushing Data to Compositions

    The other method involves “commanding” Templater to push data into an After Effects project and to perform its output tasks. To do this, use Templater’s command line interface to push data into compositions. You can wrap your own REST API around Templater’s command line interface which gives you unparalleled flexibility in how your data is delivered to Templater for processing. Implementing this method does require software development skills, but you gain more flexibility, robustness, and scalability using this method.

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