• BusterCherry BusterCherry

    I have a project configured to gather text for lower thirds from a Google Sheets spreadsheet. However, not every cell in each row of my sheet contains data. I’ve used the {{off}} flag to turn off visibility for the connected layer which works great. But using this method, I have to manually re-stagger the text layers in the composition such that each visible layer is played in succession without breaks. It seems there is an option to skip a cell when using a spreadsheet to call footage or other files, but not for text.

    Is it possible to create a conditional target on a layer based on visibility (or maybe some other specific flag) so that if the layer is visible, the In Point of a subsequent text layer can be shifted to the Out Point of the target, otherwise if the target text layer is not visible, a subsequent text layer can be shifted to the the Out Point of a different layer in the timeline?

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