• jonathan jonathan

    Hi, thanks for your answer.

    We try to not update nor rewrite templater-options.json file. It’s too much for one field. But we can do the contrary :
    We gonna try to rewrite a file named data.json with the current data source from rabbitMQ and point our templater-options.json data source field to it.

    Is it gonna work ?

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  • jonathan jonathan

    We are using templater with RabbitMQ (AMQP messaging) with a python software.

    This software take a message from the queue, and launch the shell script templater.ps1 with arguments.

    We want to add an extra argument to this templater.ps1 which is the id to take from our API to render the right film.

    Is this possible ?

    Our message from rabbitMQ also give the json to use, is the data source field can take this local Json someway ?

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