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    Re: Known Issues with Google Sheets


    I’ve tried to use a Google Drive folder as a Footage folder folder for my images (instead of using Dropbox).

    I’m using a Google Form to get all the data: text, info and images. Everything is collected in a GoogleSheet, but for the image cell I just get the file ID that GoogleDrive sets when you upload an image or file.

    And Templater doesn’t recognise this file ID url as it doesnt contain the file name + extension.

    Do you know if there’s any solution to get the real footage url instead of the file ID?

    I know it’s not a Templater issue rather than a Google Drive / Google Sheets files structure, but would be great to use Google services as the only place to get all data + footage.

    Any eay to try to solve it?

    Thank you so much for help!



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