The Dataclay team has released Templater 2.9.5, providing critical updates to support Google Sheets as a data source. This new version comes in advance of Google’s retirement of the Sheets API v3, scheduled for April 9, 2020. For workflows that leverage Google Sheets as a data source, you must update Templater to version 2.9.5 before April 9, 2020. We recommend downloading, installing, and testing Templater 2.9.5 by the end of March 2020 to avoid a disruption in functionality.

For workflows that use Templater’s command-line interface with Google Sheets as a data source, you must also update the data_uri property in your templater-options.json configuration files to address Google’s new requirements. To verify the value for the data_uri property, in Templater’s Google Spreadsheet Setup dialog, select a worksheet name. Use the Feed URL value for data_uri.

If you find that the integration with a Google Sheets data source is not working as expected after installing Templater 2.9.5 by April 9, 2020, you may need to reset preferences in After Effects. For further help, please open a support ticket.

In addition to ensuring continued support for Google Sheets, we’ve also included these improvements in Templater 2.9.5:

  • A live data toggle preview setting — You can enable the live data toggle to request live data when generating previews, or you can disable it to use cached data and speed up the previewing process.

  • Default visual and audio placeholders — Templater points to these defaults within the preferences if you don’t specify a placeholder.

  • Search functionality for locating a Google Sheets data source — It’s now easier to specify a linked worksheet.

  • Status message and logging improvements — A variety of changes, tweaks, and additions to make status messages clearer and more accurate.

  • Bug Fix: CLI checking JSON freed with headers — An issue has been resolved when passing headers values to access a JSON endpoint via the CLI.

  • Bug Fix: Retrieve the correct row within range during preview — An issue has been resolved when iterating through previews and the Start and Finish range values change.