2.6.0/2.6.1 (Build 6705)

  • CC 2018 Support
    Templater’s 2.6.1 installer adds support for installing with Adobe After Effects CC 2018.

  • Fully Featured 30-day Timed Trials!
    Users can trial all functions within Templaterfor 30 days without any limitation. In trial mode, watermarks are superimposed atop layers designated as dynamic. Users can now try out all functions from all editions of Templaterinclude Rig, Pro, and Bot.

  • Unified Licensing Framework.
    Templater’s licensing framework is now standardized across manufacturer and reseller builds. If you are upgrading Templater purchased through a reseller such as aescripts + aeplugins you will need to acquire new products keys.

  • Bug Fixes and Improved Architecture for Templater events.
    Previously, any registered post-job or post-batch scripts would not execute property when using Templater’s replication feature. This issue is now fixed making registered post-job and post-batch scripts execute as documented. Code architecture for event scripts is prepared for implementing more events types such as: pre-data-capture, post-data-capture, pre-job, etc. These will be implemented in coming releases.

  • Improved Log Header
    The header in the Templater log file now displays more details about the machine running Templater. Specifically, it includes the current username, the machine ID, and the operating system. This helps Dataclay’s support team understand issues customers are encountering.