2.7.0 (Build 7281)

  • New End User License Agreement
    Before installing Templater 2.7, please be sure to read and agree to the new terms outlined in Templater’s End User License Agreement.

  • Enhanced and robust event architecture
    This much requested and much awaited feature is now available! You can now register both shell and ExtendScript scripts to a new set of Templater events. The new Templater events are as follows:

    1. Data retrieval events : Pre-data and Post-data
    1. Batch processing events : Pre-batch and Post-batch
    1. Job processing events : Pre-job and Post-job
    1. Layer update events : Pre-update and Post-update
    1. Output events : Pre-output and Post-output
    1. Bot events : On-startup and On-shutdown
  • Events are now also broadcast when Previewing in Pro and Bot editions.


If you already make use of event scripts in your application please note that we have deprecated a preference that might prevent your application running. As of Templater 2.7 the preference For all commands, use job details as arguments is deprecated. If using the command line interface, the job_detail_args property found in the prefs object within the bot object is also deprecated. It is now required to explicitly append arguments to your registered shell scripts. Apologies for any inconvenience.

  • New ExtendScript API
    ExtendScript files that are registered to listen for a Templater event you now have access to read and manipulate Templater’s internal memory. Developers can accomplish this by using the $D object. Full documentation for this API is available at http://support.dataclay.com

  • New argument macros for registered event scripts
    A few new argument macros can be passed to event scripts:

    1. $log : The full path to the templater.log file
    1. $log_dir : The full path to the directory containing the templater.log file
    1. $event : A string identifier that references the most recently broadcast event
  • Improved naming of downloaded footage assets
    When the Allow unique downloads for cloud-based assets preference is enabled the downloaded asset will have a more precise identifier prepended to the downloaded file. The prepend string includes the job’s row index value, column or property name, and ID value if available.

  • Easily troubleshoot Templater operation
    Prevent Templater from suppressing any After Effects notice, warning, or error dialogs with a new Templater preference. Note that dialog suppression is on by default.

  • Silence Templater logging
    You can now shut off all Teplater logging from the Templater Preference dialog. This is not recommended, but useful if you want to improve speed for batch processes.

  • Improved memory management
    A new preference allows you to choose if Templater should automatically purge After Effect’s internal memory caches after each job in a batch process. Enable this if you find that After Effects is eating up too much memory on batch runs. Note that enabling this preference will add a bit of time to complete each job in a batch.

  • Open log file directly from Templater Panel
    A new button labeled “Show Log” appears within the Templater panel. When clicked, Templater will spawn a new terminal window displaying a real-time log of Templater’s operations.

  • Help Tips display in user interface
    When you hover over specific user interface elements in Templater’s main panel and its Preferences dialog, help tips appear to assist your learning.