New Features & Improvements in Templater 2.9

  • Previewing Made Easy | A new Transport section in the Templater panel makes previewing easier, allowing you to quickly iterate between rows or objects within your selected range. See our updated Previewing a Composition topic for more information.

  • Quickly Access your Files | You can now click the icon buttons next to Data, Footage and Destination to open the specified location.

  • New Streamlined Layout | Rig your projects faster and more intuitively with Templater’s new and improved user interface.

  • A New Way to Handle Empty Cells & Null Values | You can now treat empty cells and null values as faulty. This allows you to use the When Templater cannot find or import referenced footage… preference to handle these entries. See Handling Faulty Footage References and Missing Footage for more information.

  • Other improvements include

    • Improved messaging when enabling Bot from the command line
    • Fixed a bug for specifying the JSON polling interval via the command line
    • Reduced startup time on floating licensing builds