Questions, answers, and discussions about using Google Sheets as a Templater data source.

looking for individual to show us best set up

We are looking for someone who is experienced at Templater to take 1-2 hours and do a screencast to show us exactly the best practices when linking up google sheets. We are writing the scripts, but the actual linking of google sheets, and proper settings in Templater we need some guidance with.
step 1
step 2
step 3
Sort of thing. Please reach out to me ASAP. Thank you.

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Questions, answers, and discussions about using a local JSON object array as a Templater data source.

Dynamic Color through json

@Jon Thanks that was very helpful. Appreciate!

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Questions, answers, and discussions about using URL feeds as Templater data sources.

Can data source field in templater-options.json take a parameter (like $id) ?

It should work, yes. Keep in mind that when you use the CLI, it’s essentially a synchronous process because you cannot execute more than one AE instance at any given time. If that is not an issue, then it will work perfectly.

However if you plan on having concurrent CLI calls, then you might consider using the CLI to “Enable Bot” and have Bot “watch” the data source. If your data object contains a “render-status” property and it’s set to “ready” then Templater will process that job. In this way, you can have you app keep writing to the data.json file with new objects and then Templater will just pick them up.

There is another forum post that describes the different deployment techniques. Take a read through that one and see if it helps you understand the broader methods for architecting your solution.


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Questions, answers, and discussions about using Tabbed Separated Value files as a Templater data source.

Using Microsoft Excel

If your data is stored in Microsoft Excel, you will need to export it as a Tabbed Separated Value file—known as a TSV file.

With all the various Microsoft Excel releases, the steps to convert a worksheet to a TSV file vary between versions and operating systems.

Also, don’t forget that you may need to enable the “Tab delimited file exported from Excel or Numbers” checkbox within the Templater Preferences dialog to work with TSV data exported or saved from Microsoft Excel.

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