New Features & Improvements in Templater 2.8

  • Composition layers can be swapped with other project comps Users can now specify project compositions in Templater’s data source to swap with pre-composition layers. Within the data source, wrap composition names with double-brace notation to specify project comps to be swapped with pre-comp layers marked with the Templater Settings effect.

  • Unicode support for event script arguments Command line arguments for event scripts can now include UTF-8 character encoding. Prior to version 2.8.0, event scripts would not properly execute if arguments passed to them contained special unicode characters.

  • Option to execute shell scripts asynchronously Users now have a choice to execute shell scripts registered to Templater events either synchronously or asynchronously. To enable asynchronous execution of a registered event script, tick the checkbox for that event in the “Register Shell Scripts with Events” dialog.

  • Auto-import Templater job data as JSON footage Use Templater’s job data as a footage item within the After Effects project file. When enabled within Templater’s preferences, a JSON footage item will appear within AE’s Project panel as Templater reads from the data source. Note that this feature is in an experimental phase as Adobe irons out bugs with their implementation of JSON footage items.

  • Auto-remove the Templater Settings effect from all layers in replicas Users sending replicas of target compositions to Adobe Media Encoder can enable a new preference to remove the Templater Settings effect from all layers within a replica. Note that enabling this feature will slow down the replication process and populate After Effects’ “File > Open Recent” menu with paths to those replicas.

  • Improved support for South Asian and Middle Eastern languages In AE versions 14.2 and later, Templater no longer attempts to do any character reversing for text written in languages with right-to-left transcription. Users should enable the “South Asian and Middle Eastern” preference within After Effects’ main preferences dialog under “Type”.

  • Fixed issue with sibling layers attached to TextBox layers Fixed a bug related to Templater’s attachment feature for text layers constructed as a TextBox (i.e. clicking and dragging with AE’s Type tool). After upgrading to After Effects 15.1.1, and using Templater 2.7.1, layers would not attach properly to sibling text layers constructed as a text box.

  • Fixed issue with project file retrieval When Templater’s data source referenced After Effects project files — using the ‘aep’ column or property — it would close the current project file even when the next, consecutive job referenced that same file. In version 2.8.0 when consecutive jobs reference the same project file, Templater keeps processing that file without closing it first.