Change logs of Dataclay software releases, known issues, and promotions

Release — Templater 2.9.5

The Dataclay team has released Templater 2.9.5, providing critical updates to support Google Sheets as a data source. This new version comes in advance of Google’s retirement of the Sheets API v3, scheduled for April 9, 2020. For workflows that leverage Google Sheets as a data source, you must update Templater to version 2.9.5 before April 9, 2020. We recommend downloading, installing, and testing Templater 2.9.5 by the end of March 2020 to avoid a disruption in functionality.

For workflows that use Templater’s command-line interface with Google Sheets as a data source, you must also update the data_uri property in your templater-options.json configuration files to address Google’s new requirements. To verify the value for the data_uri property, in Templater’s Google Spreadsheet Setup dialog, select a worksheet name. Use the Feed URL value for data_uri.

If you find that the integration with a Google Sheets data source is not working as expected after installing Templater 2.9.5 by April 9, 2020, you may need to reset preferences in After Effects. For further help, please open a support ticket.

In addition to ensuring continued support for Google Sheets, we’ve also included these improvements in Templater 2.9.5:

A live data toggle preview setting — You can enable the live data toggle to request live data when generating previews, or you can disable it to use cached data and speed up the previewing process.

Default visual and audio placeholders — Templater points to these defaults within the preferences if you don’t specify a placeholder.

Search functionality for locating a Google Sheets data source — It’s now easier to specify a linked worksheet.

Status message and logging improvements — A variety of changes, tweaks, and additions to make status messages clearer and more accurate.

Bug Fix: CLI checking JSON freed with headers — An issue has been resolved when passing headers values to access a JSON endpoint via the CLI.

Bug Fix: Retrieve the correct row within range during preview — An issue has been resolved when iterating through previews and the Start and Finish range values change.

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Questions, answers, and discussions about data sources compatible with Templater.

Asset Paths

@pbretz The partial paths for footage references in your data should work with / on both Windows and Mac. I can’t remember exactly, but there might be an exception for any aep data values, where it is expecting an absolute path to the project file, but I think those can get parsed either way.

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Questions, answers, and discussions about preparing After Effects projects for processing by Templater.

Duration of a comp linked to a spreadsheet

@rdbs said in Duration of a comp linked to a spreadsheet:

@Jeff Thanks a lot for your very detailed answer. I’m going to have a look at all your ressources and see how I can integrate them in my comp.

Regarding the Event Scripts, you’ve mentioned that they work well with Templater Bot. Does it also work with the standard Templater (that’s the only license I have) ?

Thanks !

I’ve just seen on the Event Scripts page that a feature for Templater Bot. Would you have a workaround for Templater ?

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Questions, answers, and discussions about batch rendering and replicating re-versioned After Effects compositions.

Replicate comps without producing new folders

@kientan Hi Kientan, unfortunately no, this is not an option out-of-the-box. However, if you had Bot edition, and knew a bit of ExtendScript, you can code a simple ExtendScript and register it to an “After Job” event to move the replica out of the folder. Here is documentation on how you can manipulate the project file during Templater’s processing.

Are you trying to render each replica? If so, you could consider using Adobe Media Encoder to render out each one automatically. Enable the “Send replicates to Adobe Media Encoder” and then project files will appear in Templater’s output destination. Then setup AME to “watch” Templater’s output folder. That workflow should work in trial mode.

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Questions, answers, and discussions about Templater's automation extensibility and integration.

Simple startup scipt to open and enable bot

Hi There,

I believe we received a support ticket via our support channel. We were able to investigate the issue with the items you provided, and just wanted to follow up with your post here as well for the sake of building community knowledge:

I took a look through your templater-options.json​ file which is a configuration for Templater’s main panel and preferences. First, when using the Templater CLI, you’ll want to make sure to quit and exit AE so that it’s not running. If you have it running while you attempt to launch via the CLI then there are conflicting configurations — the GUI configuration and the CLI configuration. So they are kind of mutually exclusive.

Now, one thing to note is that the tasks​ object has two properties set to true​ in your templater-options.json​ file. You can only ever have one option set there. One task is to enable the bot, while another is to replicate a batch. Think of those properties as being “mapped” to the buttons in the main Templater GUI. You tell what the Bot to do in the prefs​ objects under the bot​ sub object — specifically the action_render​ and action_replicate​. So, my suggestion is to set the replicate​ property in the tasks​ object to false, and leave the action_replicate​ to true and the action_render​ to false.

Also, I would like to see the exact Powershell incantation you are using to perform the launch. If you want to enable bot from the command line, you will need to use the -ui​ flag because enabling Bot requires AE’s GUI open up.

Please let me know if this helps.

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Questions, answers, and discussions about deploying Templater Bot onto servers

Bot only queues records from Google Sheets

@pbretz Yes, that would be an option. I’m pretty confident that it’s an issue specific to Google Sheets and not a “bot” value, generally.

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Examples of Templater used by creative studios, broadcast, and application developers.

Case Study: Hudl

David Graff, John Wirtz, and Brian Kaiser founded Hudl in 2006 with the goal of capturing and adding value to every moment in athletics. Using their computer science backgrounds, the University of Nebraska sports fanatics built a platform that would enable coaches and players to review, annotate, and share game video across multiple platforms and devices. Their hard work paid off.

With 130,000 sports outfits subscribing to their software worldwide—including NFL, NHL, and NBA teams, and an exponentially growing number of high school teams signing up every season—Hudl recently secured $72.5 million in a single Stage B funding round for a total valuation of $250 million. They expect this fall to be their busiest ever with 30,000 varsity high school football teams subscribing at a minimum of $800 per year for their cheapest package!

Several times a year, Hudl holds a company-wide event called Skunkworks, modeled after the fabled Lockheed Martin creative think-tank that produced some of the company’s most innovative solutions. One of their teams wanted to address the “cookie-cutter” sameness of the popular highlights feature favored by athletes and recruiters. Developers Casey Batemen, Joel Hensley, and Kelly Herrington discovered Templater Bot, and found the best turnkey solution for making their highlight reels standout.

Hudl successfully integrated Templater Bot into its robust video automation platform, and will soon roll out the Video Goodness product feature — enabling every team or athlete to have their own customized ESPN-quality highlight reel created in just a few minutes. The feature is eagerly awaited, and should make a huge splash when it goes live just in time for football season.

Templater Bot’s coding-friendly API and ability to turn huge amounts of data into highly customized and individualized bulk renders allowed Hudl developers to clear some of their most challenging implementation and logistical hurdles.

We are blown away by Hudl’s ingenious use of Templater in their pipeline and wish them continued success! We look forward to partnering on more solutions in the future.

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