Change logs of Dataclay software releases, known issues, and promotions

Release — Templater 2.9.2

Support for Adobe After Effects 2020
Templater is now compatible with Adobe After Effects 2020.
Genuine installers prepared for macOS and Windows operating

Updated Templater’s End User License Agreement
Templater’s EULA defines criteria for designating a licensee as
an “Enterprise”. It also includes updated terms and conditions
for licensing and payments as well as general provisions.

Preference to purge unused footage after each job
If you enable this preference, Templater will purge all unused
footage from the project file after each job completes. Use
this to reduce dependencies in your rigged .aep template files.

Added intelligence methods to Templater ExtendScript API
Use two new methods within registered ExtendScripts to invoke
Templater’s spatial and temporal intelligence:

$D.update.layout() — Invokes Templater’s algorithm
for automatic spatial layout of dynamic layers
within all compositions.

$D.update.timeline() — Invokes Templater’s
algorithm for automatic temporal arrangement of
dynamic layers within all compositions.

Faster data polling intervals for Bot
In Templater’s Preferences, reduced Bot’s minimum polling
frequency to 0.3 minutes (18 seconds) for Google Sheets, and 0.2
minutes (12 seconds) for JSON sources.

BUG FIX: Improved organization of Replication output
In the data, if an “output” column or property specifies a path
with sub directories, Templater names the final output asset
according to the path’s final leaf and saves the output asset to
the location specified.

BUG FIX: Time Sculpting correctly handles nested timelines
In some cases, Templater’s auto arrangement of elements in
timelines containing pre-comp layers would not fully complete.
Now, Templater completes Time Sculpting logic for all nested
composition timelines.

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Questions, answers, and discussions about data sources compatible with Templater.

jotform links for images not pulling into Templater

I have a jotform pushing data into google sheets including an image (a link in google sheets). When I run the batch in templater is continues to say it can not access the image even though this form/spreadsheet worked not even a month ago. Is this an issue with Templater and settings that I’m missing or could this be jotform?

Thank you!

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Questions, answers, and discussions about preparing After Effects projects for processing by Templater.

Setting the IN and OUT points of a video clip with google sheet data

@sakodc Hi Sascha. Apologies for the delayed reply. Have you seen our Time Sculpting features? You may be interested in seeing the video on Time Shifting and Time Cropping.

If the Time Sculpting features do not suite your needs, You will need to make use of Templater’s ExtendScript API. You essentially write ExtendScript code that makes use of Templater’s in-memory job data, and use that data to set specific layers’ In and Out points.

You would use the $D.job.get("column-name") method to get the data from the job’s column into a variable. Then you can use that data to set an In point or Out point of a specific layer.

Does this help?

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Questions, answers, and discussions about batch rendering and replicating re-versioned After Effects compositions.

Stitching multiple compositions in one video

@darrencase also, it might be helpful to watch this video to see a demonstration of how comp swapping works, to hopefully make it clearer.

Previewing with Templater's Data Transport Dataclay  /  Feb 28, 2019  /  10:12  /  536 Previewing with Templater's Data Transport

In Templater 2.9, we upgraded and refreshed the main panel interface. We introduced Transport controls to improve the method for previewing. This new UI makes it incredibly easy to see how your data looks merged with your motion graphic magic. With the Transport, you “walk through” previews of...

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Questions, answers, and discussions about Templater's automation extensibility and integration.

Call a Shell Script w/ Bot

Have you taken a look at your templater.log file for any clues as to the issue? In that log file, it will show you exactly what it attempts to execute in the shell. You can copy and paste that from the log to a new terminal window and try it there. Keep in mine that the environment that Templater executes in might be different from the environment in your own Terminal shell. Maybe something is not included in a path? I’m sure cp command is, but I’m just saying that there might be something related to environment.

Also, take a read through this to troubleshoot:

Troubleshooting Event Scripts

Please let us know if this helps.


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Questions, answers, and discussions about deploying Templater Bot onto servers

Using CLI to enable Bot

@pbretz Are you able to share a screen recording illustrating the issue? If you want it to be private, you can create a support ticket.

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Examples of Templater used by creative studios, broadcast, and application developers.

Case Study: Hudl

David Graff, John Wirtz, and Brian Kaiser founded Hudl in 2006 with the goal of capturing and adding value to every moment in athletics. Using their computer science backgrounds, the University of Nebraska sports fanatics built a platform that would enable coaches and players to review, annotate, and share game video across multiple platforms and devices. Their hard work paid off.

With 130,000 sports outfits subscribing to their software worldwide—including NFL, NHL, and NBA teams, and an exponentially growing number of high school teams signing up every season—Hudl recently secured $72.5 million in a single Stage B funding round for a total valuation of $250 million. They expect this fall to be their busiest ever with 30,000 varsity high school football teams subscribing at a minimum of $800 per year for their cheapest package!

Several times a year, Hudl holds a company-wide event called Skunkworks, modeled after the fabled Lockheed Martin creative think-tank that produced some of the company’s most innovative solutions. One of their teams wanted to address the “cookie-cutter” sameness of the popular highlights feature favored by athletes and recruiters. Developers Casey Batemen, Joel Hensley, and Kelly Herrington discovered Templater Bot, and found the best turnkey solution for making their highlight reels standout.

Hudl successfully integrated Templater Bot into its robust video automation platform, and will soon roll out the Video Goodness product feature — enabling every team or athlete to have their own customized ESPN-quality highlight reel created in just a few minutes. The feature is eagerly awaited, and should make a huge splash when it goes live just in time for football season.

Templater Bot’s coding-friendly API and ability to turn huge amounts of data into highly customized and individualized bulk renders allowed Hudl developers to clear some of their most challenging implementation and logistical hurdles.

We are blown away by Hudl’s ingenious use of Templater in their pipeline and wish them continued success! We look forward to partnering on more solutions in the future.

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