Templater 2.1.10 (Build 6326)

  • Improved batch processing: Templater no longer deletes the output in a specified output location before a batch process begins. Instead, Templater will overwrite existing files with the same name as the output filename.

  • Replication Bug Fix: In some cases, versioned project file replicates were accummulating unnecessary item references. In order to fix this, Templater now purges any references to unused footage within the project file before saving a replicate. If using the CLI, replication tasks ignore the “save_on_completion” key in the templater-options.json file. The master project file will always be saved before Templater closes After Effects.

  • Improved data retrieval: The code for retrieving data has been re-architected for more consistency and robustness.

  • Improved Bot support: The Bot now supports Remote JSON URLs as data sources. HOWEVER, Templater cannot update the “render-status” value automatically because the data source is specific to the user. Therefore, users should write custom scripts to update “render-status” values at appropriate events to avoid re-rendering “ready” data.