Hello! Unfortunately, due to the number of different values in the templater-options.json file that need to be custom-tailored to the file paths on your system, it won’t be possible for us to provide a pre-filled file. However, if we grab the latest templater-options.json base file from the GitHub:

Windows: https://github.com/dataclay/cli-tools/blob/master/Windows/Templater 3/templater-options.json

macOS: https://github.com/dataclay/cli-tools/blob/master/macOS/Templater 3/templater-options.json

We should be able to get things up and running by configuring the options in the first 11 lines with the appropriate data. We’ll need to set the locations of the data source, log, aep, etc., to the correct places on the system in question. From there, we’ll need to choose our desired render_settings and output_module. Finally, we’ll need to customize the row_start and row_end values. For the Subtitle Swap project, we should start at 1 and end at 3.

The remaining options in the templater-options.json file should be fine at their default values. However, we would recommend that you check out this article from our support website for more information on what each of those options does.

Finally, I would highly recommend testing this project in the GUI version of Templater to ensure that everything is working correctly before attempting to process it through the CLI. The Subtitle Swap project can be somewhat tricky to use since it’s a workaround for AE’s lack of subtitle support, and it would be helpful to ensure that it’s running correctly in the full After Effects UI before attempting to run it via CLI.

If you run into any problems, let us know, and we’ll see where we need to go from there.